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6/4/2024 | 9:36am

New blog entry timeeee
It's been like, a while since I did anything with this place, tryna be active on more social media and stuff like that, schools been an ass...bleh.
If you checked the update log, I added a social media link page, which will prove to be useful and such, I'll probs add it to all of my main socials

In all honesty, I'm really tired.

- Jake J. B

5/3/2024 | 1:54am

You see, I was fearing for this day to finally happen, but 9021007 visited jakej.net.....and its code (please PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU DONT LOOK ITS SO MESSY...)

They forced me to actually upload all the gifs here to my website directly...EYEROLLLL!!!!

Ok but in all seriousness thx 4 uh lookin out for the integrity of my site.....


4/14/2024 | 12:05pm

JAKEJ.NET IS FINALLY UP!!!!! AHH I'm so happy this means things are getting real!

Unfortunately I haven't made much progress since last update log, had some issues on my laptop which made it so that the sites wouldn't update. I'm gonna work on some of the pages tonight, so keep an eye out for any changes!

And in other news, I'm working on a game concept with the help of some friends (Kaleb and MilkGalaxy), The game is called OnDeck, a social VR card playing game! I'll have more to say when there's more solid concept art ^_^


3/24/2024 | 9:31pm

Thanks to a friend of mine named Kaleb, I rememberd I needed to update this website XD, also, first blog post? Thats pretty cool, lookin foward to seein how this site will take form
Theres def more HTML I need to learn (or copy and paste) for some aspects of the website, such as the about me page, shits kinda complicated, especially when I never really worked on a big project such as this, time will tell everyone!


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