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UPDATE LOG 4 | 4/16/24

And yet again, ive:

  1. Updated the front page, If you somehow dont know my birthday is coming up lel, that link goes to an amazon wishlist with a 10 dollar gift card you can get me (If you so choose)
  2. Also added links to the front page, ill probs phase out
  3. Added the stars from my blog to here as well, idk, makes things look nicer lol

UPDATE LOG 3 | 4/15/24

And in todays episode, i've added:

  1. About mii page, it's is making good progress
  2. Fixed blog and update log, as you can see here, you scroll down to see older stuff, like it shoulda been from the begining XD oops (Ty 9021007)
  3. Will prob add Limp Bizkit songs to the music player, don't even know If y'all are usin it lmao

UPDATE LOG 2 | 3/26/24

Additions + notes

  1. Had to restart the about me page :cat_pensive:
  2. Not gonna work on the guestbook for now, will do it down the line though
  3. Got a mini directory now
  4. Fixing bugs with code, might take a bit

UPDATE LOG 1 | 2/26/24

Added the following:

  1. About me section in progress
  2. Making guestbook
  3. Adding background (crunchy)music sitewide

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